Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella

Corrective Jaw


Thanks to the combined use of orthodontia and surgery we can correct any dentofacial alteration, with harmonious aesthetic results.

orthognathic - corrective jaw in MarbellaSurgery for dentofacial deformities, also known as orthognathic surgery, may well be the leading subspecialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Its main goal is to treat all types of dentofacial deformities using perfectly systematic surgical techniques together with specific pre- and post-operative orthodontic treatments.

Working with prestigious orthodontists who have specialised training in surgical orthodontia, our team of surgeons, who have trained in the top national and international centres in this field, offer the possibility of treating any dentofacial anomaly (Class I, II and III malocclusions, open bites, long face and short face syndromes, maxillomandibular asymmetry, hemimandibular hyperplasia, midline deviations) as well as the necessary surgical support (limited osteotomies, bone distraction) for the correct evolution of more complex orthodontic treatments based on multidisciplinary team work. Our focus always combines aesthetics and functionality in order to obtain predictable, definitive and high-quality results.