Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella

TMJ disorders

TMJ disorders treatment in MarbellaTemporomandibular articulation pathologies include osteoarticular conditions (arthrosis, articular noises, poorly positioned articular disks, etc.), muscular conditions (parafunctional habits, myofascial pain syndrome) and less common pathologies with other aetiologies that are responsible for pain and discomfort in this region and which may become worse while carrying out daily activities such as eating or even laughing.

The treatment of these pathologies may require dietetic, orthopaedic (the use of mouthguards), physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation or surgical (arthrocentesis-arthroscopy) measures.


Whatever the problem related to articulation, we can diagnose it and provide a therapeutic alternative adapted to your needs. In some cases, this treatment will form part of your dental-stomatological treatment.