Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella

Craniofacial Trauma

With a qualified and experienced surgical team on hand, we are able to offer the diagnosis, preoperative preparation, treatment and follow-up of craniofacial traumas in the private sector. This produces better results, not only in terms of efficiency and effectiveness with regard to the patient’s return to their normal social and working life, but also in terms of their overall satisfaction with the process.

The accepted international criteria for facial fractures have established that the vast majority can be treated surgically within the first 48-72 hours, during which time our unit can provide an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate personalised therapeutic approach for these patients. In brief,

craniofacial trauma surgery today seeks to diagnose the fractures that are subject to surgical treatment and achieve anatomical and functional restoration in the shortest time possible. The utmost attention is paid to the aesthetic aspects involved and the treatment is based on the principles of osteosynthesis using titanium miniplates, minimising the period of intermaxillary block as much as possible.

Our team is also in the position to be able to handle the most common post-traumatic after-effects from the simplest, such as unsightly scars, to the most complex, including alveolodental loss, malocclusions and diplopia-enophthalmos syndrome.


These conditions can have very serious psychosocial, work-related and economic repercussions in our society today, making our portfolio of services even more valuable.