Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella


Head and neck oncology patients are quite possibly one of the paradigms of our specialty, since appropriate treatment requires a number of surgical techniques ranging from functional ablation to reconstructive surgery based on osteosynthesis and complex autologous tissue techniques using microsurgery.

The early diagnosis will be of primary importance, not only for the pathologies but also for the possible and avoidable after consequences

Oral and oropharyngeal tumors are nowadays some of the most common cancers in the human body. Our team is highly qualified to perform these processes and is available to offer them fully guaranteed in the private sector when surgery is needed; including the necessary immediate post-operative care and medium to long-term follow-up.

Because of the complexity involved with caring for these patients, we must closely interact with a varied team of specialists who can handle every facet, from diagnosis using imaging and anatomical and pathological testing to complementary treatments with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

We offer to our patients the latest and most innovative techniques of reconstructive facial surgery to solve possible face disorders resulting from aging, disease, injury or birth defects. For all these cases when surgery is not necessary we offer complementary treatments as well.


The experience we have accumulated over the years in public hospitals also guarantees a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach which provides unambiguous criteria and is absolutely essential to offer modern quality treatment.