Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella

Zygomatic implants

At this time, zygomatic implants are the best alternative for dental rehabilitation in patients with long-term edentulism in the upper jaw associated with a quite significant loss of bone. As a general rule, these patients are rejected for standard implants due to this lack of bone.


These implants offer a quick and safe technique that can equip the patient once again with a fixed denture in an incredibly short period of time (at times 24 hours after surgery) and avoids much more traumatic (taking bone grafts from the patient) and less predictable types of surgery.



Connie Wood, who had lower bridge implants last year, has return from Holland to have Zygomatic Implants in her upper jaw.  Zygomatic Implants are the only option left to Connie as she has suffered from serious dental problems all of her life. On arrival Conny has a pre-op consultation with one of the team who ensures that Connie fully understand the upcoming procedure and answers any question that she may have. Dr. Daniel Simon, the dental implant specialist at the clinic describes the Zygomatic implants:

What are the Zygomatic Implants?

Many patients have a problem; they don’t have bone enough in the upper jaw to receive normal dental implants. For these patients Zygomatic Implants were developed. There are different kinds of implants which are longer and are anchored in the malar bone or in the Zygomatic bone. That’s way they are called Zygomatic Implants. And they go really through the mouth, they don’t appear anywhere on the face, but because they are longer they can avoid the need of a bone grafted procedure that many patients are so afraid of having.

Who are eligible for Zygomatic Implants?

Any patient can be eligible for Zygomatic Implants. The main reason we use Zygomatic Implants is for patients who have absence of bone in the upper jaw to receive normal implants.

Would you need anesthesia?

Well, it depends on the technique that we use because some patients they will needs one Zygomatic Implant, some patients will need two Zygomatic Implants, some patients will even need four Zygomatic Implants. For procedures that are more complex and mainly starting form two Zygomatic Implants to more we recommend doing this under anesthesia and under general anesthesia. Then, the patients, they are sleep and they wake up, and everything is done; is a lot more comfortable for the patient and the surgical team. In cases where only one Zygomatic Implant is necessary then sometime we use only local anesthesia and rehabilitation.

What are the pre-op checks?

Well, a patient that will have treat with us, will be followed up and will be treated during the whole procedure by one of our patient coordinator. Before the surgery, very very detailed questionnaire will be done plus we are going to be making many pre-op exams like blood, heart, lungs and of course specific exams for the surgery itself that are the teeth scans and x-rays. All these are going to give the necessary information for the recover under go procedure safety.

How long is the stay for a patient?

Patients that will have this treatment normally need to book for herself or himself at least a week to have a treatment with us. When we place the implants normally the teeth will be placed around 24 to 48 hours after the surgery but of course we will have much better follow up if the patient can stay at least on the first five days, so they can avoid any problems or complications that can appear in this period. So we really advice the patient that stay with us; that he comes for a full week.

How soon after surgery can the bridge be fitted?

The bridge can be fitted and fixed about 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Sometimes we will need a little bit more time for minor adjustments. But like in Connie’s case have been fitted up in 48 hours from surgery. Because the bridge now has been fitted, with no adjustment necessary and for the first time in many years Connie is going to be able to give a full bite of an apple.

“ Two days, oh yes I hat my surgery. I had to rest and today I got my teeth and I am very glad with it, yes. But my face is a little bit fat; but is goes away in a few days, so I am very glad I have my teeth and is wonderful, perfect. A year before I had implants in the lower side, so I have my experience and I am trusting the doctors. Years ago, always I have had problems with my teeth, with my mouth and dentists didn’t solve the problem for five years and then I must again in other dentist but they couldn’t solve the problem. Was not the dentist, they weren’t bad, but it was another problem and was only the surgery that problem could solve.”

Connie ‘s zygomatic implants need very little adjustments and she left the clinic later that day with the biggest smile she had for years.