Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella

Bone reconstruction for implants

Bone reconstruction for implants in Marbella

Sometimes a candidate patient for an implant restoration does not meet the requirements necessary for the appropriate placement and integration of the implant. More often than not, this is due to a lack of bone quantity or quality, requiring autologous or biocompatible bone material to reconstruct the area where the implant is going to be placed

There are many candidate donor areas that can provide quality bone for reconstruction in the deficit area. Intraoral bone grafts are probably the most commonly used in daily practice – they supply the appropriate bone volume, do not require a double surgical field and the cutting procedure is associated with low morbidity. There are also other donor areas at different points on the body that require, in most cases, the use of a general anaesthetic or monitored sedation at the least. The most commonly used sites include the cranial vault, the anterior or posterior iliac crest and the tibia. The right preprosthetic reconstructive surgery facilitates the subsequent placement of the planned implants and ensures the appropriate prosthodontic (prosthesis on implant) result.

However, some patients are not good candidates for supported implant rehabilitation, largely due to general medical causes, making conventional prosthetic rehabilitation the most reasonable option. In these cases, preprosthetic surgery on the bony alveolar fringes and adjacent soft parts makes it easier or even possible to satisfactorily anchor and retain a traditional removable prosthesis, significantly improving the aesthetic and functional results.