Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Marbella


advanced implantology in Marbella

Dental restoration with implants is the best way to achieve excellent orodental health and a permanent smile.


Dental implants are the best treatment option to restore the aesthetic and functionality when teeth are missing. There are many kinds of dental implants and various methods to place the implants depending on how many teeth are missed. The implants are choosing according to the individual patient needs.

Those patients with long-term edentulism in the upper jaw associated with a quite significant loss of bon are normally rejected for standard implants; for them are available nowadays the zygomatic implants. In a very short period of time the patient will have again a fixed denture without hospitalization.

Sometimes the patient doesn’t meet the requirements needed for an appropriate implants placement and integration; if that is the case then will be necessary to proceed with the bone reconstruction for implants. The specific area for the implant will be reconstructed with osseous material from the patient or biocompatible.

In Maxilofacial Marbella we have implant treatments available for all most all our patients.